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Marquee Gallery serves as a platform to promote excellence in fine art and other art forms as well as to perpetuate the values of community and the sharing of human experience and culture through the arts. We seek out ambitious, talented, and sincere local, national, and international artists devoted to having their voices heard and make a positive mark on society and the world.


Founded in October of 2014 by artist and Director Clint Slowik, Marquee Gallery’s space has played host to a number of shows featuring talented up and comers to seasoned master artists, both locally and internationally, as well as hosting and taking part in numerous community events. We not only host visual art shows and openings but also offer a wide range of accommodations for events, open studio and project spaces for artists of all types, as well as workshops for all ages and ranges of talent, young and old, novice to expert. We also open our doors to guest curators and artist groups looking for space to showcase their talents, live performers and musicians, and individuals looking to host their own classes, groups, and workshops in order to bring added life to our beautiful space and enrich the local community.


Clint Slowik
Clint SlowikDirector
Don Slowik
Don SlowikChief Associate