Opening: 6:00-8:00PM February 28th, 2020

Running: February 28 – March 21, 2020

Featuring: Gerard Doudera, Nina Chung, Forrest Bailey, Serena Bates, Diane Brown, Ashby Carlisle, Douglas Deveny, Robert Greene, Christopher O’Flaherty, Hilary Opperman, Sikiu Perez, Chris Shahmohammadi, Xiaofei Yue, Bridget Grady, Jeffrey Fay, Forrest Joss, Whitney Lorenze

Join us for the opening of Nonpareil; a veritable cornucopia of eye candy featuring a selection of artworks by 17 Marquee Gallery Artists and invited guests, emerging to masters, who are second to none! Each captivating artwork has been masterfully forged, a culmination of years of passionate exploration, vision, and honed technique. The myriad of styles, subjects, and mediums inspire and intrigue as they draw the viewer in, inviting them to reflect and feed curiosity through each expressive stroke, mark, and assemblage. Come indulge.