Ashby Carlisle
Ashby CarlisleSculptural Mixed Media
“Vines are an essential element in my work. They represent the tenacious force of Nature to survive and proliferate in the face of Man’s drive to tame it. Vines dance lyrically across the sky, twisting and turning in calligraphic formation as if they are writing messages. I use the vine form of expression along with Man’s ideograms and alphabetic symbols to create a balance between Nature and Man in my sculptural landscapes. Each landscape’s intricate matrix of layers insists that its audience come close and look deeper. It is vastly important that we develop a new relationship with Nature and change the course of our evolution because without our respect and care for the planet, the life systems supporting our existence could vanish, and so could mankind.”

Ashby Carlisle lives in Old Lyme, Connecticut, the birthplace of American Impressionism.  Approaching Carlisle’s studio, you hear the soft sound of distant waves breaking on the beach.  To the right are peaceful woodlands, on the left an iridescent glow radiates from the marsh.  Inside, her studio is filled with warm sunshine. Reading the work space in detail, you are captivated by her collection of vines lyrically dancing across every surface looking like sentences written in an unfamiliar language.  In this space, you discover Carlisle’s passion for the luminous light so beloved by the Impressionist painters. She has splashed translucent colors across the horizon of each three-dimensional landscape using dyed and torn papers.  Over these sculptural vistas are twisting, turning vines growing out of the earth.  The visual dynamics communicate the artist’s passion about making extraordinary art that challenges our curiosity about Man’s relationship to the natural world.