Hilary Opperman
Hilary OppermanMixed Media
Truthfully, I’m in love with both inanimate and yet lifelike collage materials. Each individual image beckons me to pick it up and cut it out… There is a tapestry that emerges when all the images are fused together.

Currently, my heart is drawn to collage as the appropriate refuge. I have a background in painting and political activism, yet my current work is a form of silent protest. My mixed feelings about the world fuel a need to make mixed media work. I attempt to describe the indescribable: Duality, mystery, mysticism and magic.

My collages often evoke archetypes, hidden references, and mythology. Ancient cathedrals, temples and heritage sites are combined with a (hopeful) dose of spontaneity. Often, I’ll merge contrasting iconography from several of the major religions. East somehow does meet west. Despite seemingly conflicted religious and cultural agendas, I aim to show universal parallels, desires, and transcendence. Ultimately, I hope my work is a small and subtle conduit towards peace.

Hilary Opperman was born in 1984 and grew up in Voluntown, Connecticut. She has participated in various peace, political and volunteer organizations. Hilary is interested in the healing capacity of art and using creativity as a means of conflict resistance. She loves art related to mysticism and magic.

Hilary has studied at Maine College of Art and received her B.A. in Fine Art and Art History from Eastern CT State University. Hilary is currently pursuing post-bacc certification in art education at Southern CT State University.

She currently teaches at The Mystic Museum of Art and has worked for Site Projects, an arts based non-profit in New Haven.