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Wind Spirit Speaks

Opening: 6:00-8:00PM November 17th, 2017

Running: November 17 – December 16, 2017

Featuring: Nina Chung & Pat Schoenfelder

Growing ever closer from across the vast expanse of the South Dakota plains, a thunderous rolling of thousands of hooves heard and felt as the ground trembles beneath foot. The scent of wild sage and earth kicked up in plumes, invigorating and so familiar. A hypnotic tide of powerful sinew and flesh enveloped in the warm hue of dust fills the landscape. Taken in by every sense and coalescing to stir a primal sense of pure freedom and our evolutionary connection to these majestic creatures, the embodied spirit of wind, the noble horse.

Featuring the fine art photography of Marquee Gallery Artist Nina Chung and Nature Photographer Pat Schoenfelder, “Wind Spirit Speaks” transcends the typical image one associates with equine photography. Gripping the intrigue and imagination of the viewer, this collection of artworks engage and delve into the subconscious in a manner which elevates the inherent beauty of the horse beyond mere photographic manifestations of the animal. The expansive compositions paired with hauntingly chic imagery stir and well up symbolic psychological archetypes and emotions with visuals which connect to a deep inner reflection of self.

Worlds apart, Nina having lived most of her life in New York City and Pat from rural Nebraska, these two artists began a correspondence less than a year ago through their passions for photography and found a sense of solace in the company of these incredible and empathetic animals. Collaborating to inspire one another and bring about artworks which could share and imbue the sense of power, majesty, and emotional energy they experienced through their working so closely among hundreds of rescued wild mustangs at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary in South Dakota. Upon return from their visit, Nina Chung further immersed herself into the deep therapeutic and primal empathetic connection we share with horses by living and photographing the gentle and accommodating horses of Horses Healing Humans, a horse therapy farm located in Stonington, Connecticut. There she was able to witness and capture first hand the impact these powerful yet compassionate creatures had on the human psyche. From the towering Clydesdale Arran to their ambassador Lulu the magnificent Mini Pony, who will be making an appearance during the opening, their profound ability to heal, rehabilitate, and teach was evident in every facet of their programs which help veterans, abused women, and children with disabilities. Much like the warm connections created through the interaction between human and horse, just the experience of such masterful artworks of these beautiful creatures, as shown in the works by Nina Chung and Pat Schoenfelder, has the power to create a tremendous and deep mental and emotional impact. It both calms and invigorates the viewer while evoking inspiration and, at times, an introspective view of our innermost self.

In many different situations and in many different ways, horses were enabling people to make contact with feelings they’d buried deep inside their shadow. . . . We see the flesh-and-blood incarnation of powerful forces bottled up within us that we wish we had the guts to saddle and ride. . . . These are the forces that Carl Jung called the shadow self. We know those forces could take us to our dreams and turn us into our best selves. We also know those forces could destroy us. . . . Horses force us to face our shadow selves. Once we do that, we discover much greater freedom, exhilaration and inspiration as we go forward in life.

– Chris Irwin, Author of Horses Don’t Lie